5 Reasons to try Rosé

The perfect patio sipper. A delicious match with everything from barbecued fare to light brunch. An inexpensive, crowd-pleasing wine. There's lots to love about rosé.


Rosé is versatile

Sip it on its own, mix it into spritzers or sangria, or serve alongside everything from a picnic lunch to grilled meat and seafood, brunch or a fruity dessert. Fresh and easy-going, rosé is as versatile and easy-going as they come. 



Rosé is budget-friendly

Enjoying rosé isn't an expensive treat, or something to reserve for special occasions only. In fact, many bottles are available for less than $10. And don’t worry about trying to seek out older vintages. Unlike some other wines, rosé is meant to be enjoyed now – the sooner, the better.



Rosé is perfect for the patio

Crisp and refreshing, rosé tastes of ripe red berries and citrus, and is the very essence of summer, right in your glass. Served chilled, it's the ideal wine for sipping on decks, patios, docks, gardens or wherever else you find yourself this summer. 



Not all rosé is sweet

There's a common misconception that, because of its pinkish tone, rosé is sweet. But rosé comes in many varieties, from somewhat sweet to off-dry to dry. Likewise, there are easy-going rosés, and there are firm, dry bottles robust enough to stand up to whatever’s for supper.



Rosé is local

Once the exclusive domain of French winemakers, rosé is now produced worldwide, including Ontario, where winemakers are creating award-winning rosés from the grape varietals the province is best known for, including pinot noir and cabernet franc.