Cool Climate Chardonnay

Look no further for your new favourite summer sipper.


So versatile, so perfect with food. Try these delicious food pairings!

• Steamed or grilled seafood and fish

• Roasted or BBQ chicken

• Grilled veal and pork chops

• Sushi

• Light creamy pasta dishes

• Soft and creamy cheeses



These wines have lots of flavour and character!

• Zesty citrus/lemon, green apple and pear

• Ripe tropical fruit – fig and melon

• Crisp, fresh and lively



Friends and family + Cool Climate Chardonnay = great summer get-togethers! A chilled Cool Climate Chardonnay is perfect for an easy get-together on the patio or a simple “just for two” supper. You can be proud to serve these versatile whites at your next dinner party, too!



The Chardonnay grape itself is quite neutral. The flavours of wine made from Chardonnay grapes depend a lot on soil, climate and oak-casking (or a lack of it). 

Most Cool Climate Chardonnays feature crisp apple, pear and lemony flavours. 

Cool Climate Chardonnay often has a lower alcohol content, making it ideal for sipping over long, warm summer evenings.