Cheers to Jim Beam!

Introducing a peachy twist on the classic Kentucky spirit

Jim Beam is the ultimate all-season sipper. A legacy spirit with a history of craftsmanship that goes back 200 years, it is synonymous with the very best of Kentucky bourbon. Aged for four years rather than two, the end result is a mature and mellow dram. With its new Jim Beam Peach, the bourbon-maker adds ripe liqueur to its iconic recipe resulting in a mix-worthy spirit perfect for topping with soda or iced tea.

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Jim Beam Peach

An infusion of peach liqueur adds ripe and juicy zing to this smooth mix-ready bourbon. Sip it solo or add your favourite mix for a peachy cocktail.
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Jim Beam White Label Bourbon

Aged in charred American Oak for four years, this refined extra-mellow bourbon is the recipe that started it all.
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Jim Beam Black

This premium 86-proof bourbon offers bold flavour, thanks to extra time aging in charred oak barrels. Full bodied and sweet, it's a special bottle.
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Jim Beam Double Oak

Aged in two oak barrels, this is an intense spin on the classic bourbon. Soft, smooth, sweet and spicy, it's perfect for a Manhattan. 
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Jim Beam Devil's Cut

A luxurious blend that's bottled at 90-proof, this is a robust, sessionable sipper that delivers big on flavour and complexity. Enjoy it neat or on the rocks.
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Jim Beam Red Stag

Ripe dark cherry combines with Jim Beam's extra-mellow bourbon in this mixable delight. Just add cola for a simple and delicious cocktail.
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Jim Beam Honey

You'll get the mellow flavour of classic Jim Beam bourbon with the pleasing sweetness of golden honey. Great for mixing.
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Jim Beam Online Exclusive

This offer includes one bottle of Jim Beam Honey, one bottle of Jim Beam Red Stag and a branded, wireless speaker.
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Enjoy Jim Beam in cocktails

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The Sour

Crafted with bourbon, this timeless cocktail is a nice balance of sweet and tart flavours.

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Whisky & Cola

Mix the classic cocktail with Jim Beam Red Stag and garnish with a lime wedge.

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Try a simply fruity cocktail

Top Jim Beam Peach with soda water or iced tea for an easy, flavourful sipper.