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Canada Day and our nation’s favourite cocktail — what a celebratory combination. Take the deliciously traditional route for this famous vodka drink or say cheers with a Caesar decked out with garnishes like shrimp, black olives, cherry tomatoes, bacon, pickled beans or cocktail onions.


We love vodka for its incredible versatility: it lends itself equally well to mixed drinks that are sweet, sour or savoury, like the Caesar. Smirnoff vodka offers its ever-popular spirit as well as a premium vodka that’s a touch more bold and is also delicious over ice.



Soft grain flavour; warm mouthfeel; crispness; very slight sweetness, acidity or spice



With soda, fruit juice, vegetable juice, or in your favourite vodka cocktails



Get cocktail recipes for this month's featured vodka drink.

Keep it simple with a Classic Caesar.
Get the recipe and watch a video on how to make a Caesar

Make it special by making this Smoky Caesar with a drop of liquid smoke.
Rim the glass with a mixture of celery salt and a little smoked paprika.