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Gin Cocktails

There’s a good reason so many classic cocktails — from a Gin & Tonic to a Gin Fizz — are made with gin. Actually, there are several, starting with its diversity. Gin is made by steeping a blend of botanicals (plants, flowers, herbs, etc.) in a clear spirit, so no two gin brands taste the same.


Using our new gin styles, you can discover which gins are bold, medium or subtle. Next you can choose a favourite dominant flavour, be it citrus, earthy, floral, fruity, herbal, juniper or spicy. There are many types of gin on LCBO shelves, and each one shows its distiller’s unique recipe through distinct flavours.



Citrus fruit, melon, berries, tea leaves, orange blossom, rose 



With tonic, fruit juice or in your favourite gin cocktails



Get cocktail recipes for this month's featured gin drinks.

Keep it simple with a Gin & Tonic.

Make it special with a Gin Fizz.