Garden-Inspired Spring Cocktail Ideas

Here are some fun, new ways to shake up cocktail hour using the season’s best fresh ingredients.

Up Your Ice Game

STEP 1 Fill an ice cube tray halfway. (For visual impact, make cubes in king-size moulds.)

STEP 2 Add your favourite spring ingredients, such as fresh berries, lemon twists and mint. Submerge ingredients and freeze until solid.

STEP 3 Top up with water and freeze until solid.

8 Fantastic Flavours for Vodka Sodas

Our collection of flavoured vodkas takes the work out of infusing spirits yourself and makes cocktail mixing a breeze. Try one of these in your next vodka soda.

Just Add Soda

Infused with real botanicals, these fresh-tasting vodkas burst with flavour. Mix up a fizzy spring cocktail by simply serving one over ice and topped with soda.