Cocktail Kits

We're making it easy to shake up your favourite cocktails at home. Available exclusively online, our ready-made cocktail kits include everything from spirits to glassware, bar tools to recipes, to get you mixing like a pro.

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Martini Fiero Spritz Cocktail Kit

Inside you'll find all the makings for a pretty spritz cocktail. Fill the balloon glasses with the citrusy aperitif, then top with Prosecco and a splash of sparkling water and get ready to toast!
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Disaronno Cocktail Kit

Enjoy Disaronno's vibrant amaretto flavour two ways: Use the two lidded jars to shake up a pair of Disaronno Sour cocktails, or fill the two stemmed glasses with Disaronno, lemon juice and soda water for a light, bubbly Fizz. Recipe cards included.
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Jagermeister Caesar Cocktail Kit

Kick up the flavour in Canada's favourite cocktail by crafting it with Jagermeister liqueur, which is made with 56 botanicals, and Singers Mildly Spiced Caesar Mix.
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