Meet Canada’s oldest whisky

Canadian Club introduces a rare find for whisky connoisseurs

Canada's iconic whiskymaker has just unveiled the 44-Year-Old Chronicles Issue No. 4, the latest release in its series of limited-edition aged whiskies that celebrate the distiller’s rich history, with names that allude to its colourful past. This new edition is dubbed the ”Whisky Sixes” as a nod to the six-cylinder roadsters used to smuggle spirits from its Windsor distillery to Detroit during Prohibition. Like the previous issues in the Chronicle series — the 41-year-old “The Water of Windsor,” the 42-year-old “The Dock Man,” and the 43-year-old “The Speakeasy” — this year’s installment is crafted from the same batch barrelled in 1977. However, the 44-year-old whisky is more than simply one year older than its predecessors. Thanks to careful blending, each annual release presents a different, distinct expression. Astonishingly complex, CC’s latest, exclusive, aged whisky is worth the wait.

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Canadian Club 44 Year-Old Chronicles Issue No. 4

The newest addition to the Chronicles series features Canadian Club's hallmark smoothness with a wonderfully complex medley of apple, plum, dried fruit, chocolate and zesty spice notes.
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Canadian Club 43 Year-Old Chronicles Issue No. 3

“The Speakeasy” stands out for its smoothness and complexity, with aromas and flavours of toasted oak, dried fruit, vanilla and spice. Savour this 2021 Canadian Whisky of the Year neat.
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Canadian Club 42 Year-Old Chronicles Issue No. 2

The highly acclaimed second release, aka "The Dock Man" delivers robust rye spice, caramel and oak aromas with brown sugar, baking spice and char notes capped by a long finish. Limited quantities, available in-store only.
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Canadian Club Chronicles sipping and mixing ideas

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Match with a decadent snack platter

Canadian Club Chronicles Issue No. 4 is an excellent sidekick for local, sharp or aged cheeses like Thunder Oak Gouda or Five Brothers. Serve with complementary dried fruits and toasted nuts. 

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Enjoy it neat

Savour every sip of Canadian Club Chronicles Issue No. 4 by serving it neat.

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Partner with steak

Indulge by pairing Canadian Club Chronicles Issue No. 4 with a juicy, salt-crusted steak

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