Spotlight On: Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Sliced Apple with Old Fashioned and Tom Collins cocktails

A cocktail-ready selection of versatile rums

Wish you were on an island in the Caribbean sipping a rum cocktail? Bring those wonderful tropical flavours to your home bar with Captain Morgan’s lineup of incredible rums. You can’t go wrong with Captain Morgan White Rum for mixing up everything from a simple rum and cola to a quintessential rum cocktail: a Mojito. When you’re in the mood to kick the flavours up a notch, swap in dark, amber and flavoured rums, like Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and Captain Morgan Sliced Apple Spiced Rum, for a fresh take on classic cocktail favourites, from a Tom Collins to an Old Fashioned – the possibilities are endless!

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Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

A medley of spices, fruit flavours and vanilla come together to create a balanced spirit with a smooth finish. Perfect for mixing with soda or fruit juice.

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Captain Morgan Sliced Apple Spiced Rum

This exciting addition to the Captain Morgan range is a twist on the original spiced rum, with the crisp taste of fresh-cut apples and lively ginger notes.

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Captain Morgan White Rum

Made from a selection of some of the finest Caribbean rums, this light and crisp classic is perfect for mixing in cocktails.

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Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum

Crafted from the finest reserves, this rich amber beauty is aged for at least two years. Enjoy its soft spice and candied fruit flavours on ice.

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Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

With its full-bodied colour and distinctive rich flavour, this dark rum delivers intense caramel, spice and chocolate aromas and bold, spicy flavours. Try it in place of white rum in cocktails.

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Captain Morgan Bold Spiced Rum

A spicier version of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, it's smooth with cinnamon and nutmeg notes and a warm finish. Serve it on ice or in a mixed cocktail with a twist of orange.

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Captain Morgan Dark Rum

With its rich taste and unique depth of flavour, this aromatic rum offers notes of molasses and toasted oak with a light sweetness balanced by a dry finish.

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Captain Morgan Gold Rum

Sweet wood and hazelnut flavours create a perfectly balanced spirit with a smooth finish. Its medium body and restrained sweetness make this an ideal choice in a rum and cola.

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Fresh twists on classic cocktails

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Old Fashioned

For a spicy spin on this classic cocktail, use Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum instead of whisky. Add a couple more dashes of bitters and garnish with an orange twist and an edible flower, if you like.

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Tom Collins

Swap in a flavoured rum, like Captain Morgan Sliced Apple Spiced Rum, instead of gin in this highball favourite. Add an extra splash of soda and garnish with pineapple leaves and dehydrated orange wheels.

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Make this Cuban favourite with white rum, or try a dark or spiced rum for added depth of flavour.