Gifts For Getting Cozy

Keep the home fires burning! Nothing says warm and fuzzy like seasonally sweet and spicy drinks by the fireside. 


Apple of Your Eye

Evan Williams Kentucky Cider

Served warm or on the rocks, this seasonal blend of apple cider liqueur and Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey will put a real clink in your toast. Apples, nutmeg, cinnamon and a little bit of cotton candy spice things up nicely.

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Sweet Nothings

Kahlúa Gift Pack

Black Russians, White Russians, Espresso Martinis or just on the rocks, this winter-weather favourite is perfect when the mercury dips. The gift pack comes with two glasses to make enjoying the classic mix of coffee and sugar cane even easier.

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Cuddle Up

Old Tom's Original Egg Nog

The holidays would just not be the holidays without egg nog. This one is pure, creamy goodness, with rum-raisin-vanilla flavours that resonate long after the embers have burned out. Approachable, easy to drink and as festive as it gets.

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Hot Stuff

Warm 'N Cozy Mulled Wine

The case for mulled wine is clear: It harkens back to turn-of-the-century festivities, when people actually needed to cozy up by the hearth. As a bonus: This wine's orange, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg ingredients will perfume your home with the iconic scent of the season.

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