Corporate Gifts Under $100        

Get a head start on finding the perfect company holiday gift.


Full-bodied & Smooth

Wolf Blass Grey Label Shiraz

This sophisticated Australian is a fantastic thank you for a hard year's work, delighting with the rich flavours of red fruit and cocoa and a slightly herbal finish.


Full-bodied & Firm

Masi Costasera Amarone Classico DOC

The rich, ripe aromas of this Italian gem – followed by hints of chocolate, spice and earth, and a long, lingering finish – offers an ideal way for them to toast the season. Hearty, full-bodied and smooth.


Smooth & Fruity

Grey Goose VX

Clients and employees will appreciate this premium addition to their liquor cabinets. Mild aromas of lemon juice, peach blossom and French vanilla and a smooth finish, crafted by a famous French cognac cellar master using croissant-worthy wheat.


Medium & Fruity

Glenmorangie Original Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Perfect for gift giving, this bright gold whisky from the iconic Scottish distillery starts with the seasonal scents of orange peel and vanilla, and finishes with flavours of dried apricots.