A World of Gifts

From local wines to international specialties, your next gift should be something special. Make them feel that you'd cross the globe to find their new favourite.


Scottish Treasure

Stòras Rare Cask Reserve

Crafted by Malt Master Brian Kinsman in collaboration with the LCBO, this coveted whisky makes a truly one-of-a-kind gift. (Stòras means "treasure" in Scots Gaelic). Wonderfully balanced with traces of almond and marmalade, once the 4,200 bottles are gone, they’ll never return.

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Italian Fave

S.X.E Bianco Calabria Igp

From Calabria — the toe of Italy’s boot — comes this light and crisp, extra dry white wine. With light aromas of ripe stone fruit, citrus and floral notes, it’s a perfect appetizer-friendly wine.

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American Dream

Lagunitas IPA

Made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts, this easily drinkable IPA is the ideal brew for the first patio afternoon of the season. Big on aroma with a hoppy-sweet finish, it’s a new American classic.

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Korean Classic

Chamisul Fresh Soju

This South Korean import is purified four times through bamboo charcoal for a clean, clear finish. A milder version of the orginal Chamisul, it has soft floral and citrus aromas and a warm finish. Serve it ice cold.

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Local Hero

Sandbanks Reserve Baco Noir VQA

Invited over to the neighbours for the first grilled steaks of the season? This local Baco Noir with aromas of berries and mint and flavours of blueberry, blackberry and vanilla is the perfect wine to prove that best things happen in our own backyard.

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