Fresh Flavours of Summer 

Ready when you are and bursting with flavour, these good-to-go cocktails make summertime entertaining deliciously simple. 


Crisp & Citrus

Smirnoff Ice

The first long weekend of summer is soon — get set to chill with original Smirnoff Ice! With smooth vodka and zesty lemonade and grapefruit flavours, it’s cool, crisp and ready to serve. Pick up a pack of four, or plan for a party with a crowd-pleasing 24 pack!

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Bold & Spicy

Mott's Clamato Caesar Original

Hail Caesar! Celebrate the Victoria Day weekend with this classically Canadian cocktail — perfectly premixed and ready to go. Drink chilled from the bottle, or serve over ice with a rib of crisp celery, bacon, pickles or get creative and find your new favourite garnish.

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Bold & Citrus

Black Fly Vodka Grapefruit

Soak up the sunshine with the fresh taste of pure pink grapefruit juice blended with smooth Canadian vodka. Gluten-free, lightly sweetened with real cane sugar and served up in generous, 400 mL non-breakable bottles.

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Smooth & Classic

Black Fly Long Island Iced Tea

Made with the perfect blend of Canadian vodka, Mexican tequila, notes of gin and rum, and mixed with pure lemon juice and a splash of cola, it’s the perfect classic summer cocktail.

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Bold & Berry

Breezer Strawberry Daiquiri Pet 4pk-B

Now you can enjoy all the perks of a strawberry daiquiri — luscious berries and premium rum — without revving up the blender! Slightly sweet but perfectly balanced, serve well chilled — ideally on a dock!

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