Exclusively For Fall 

Embrace the fall weather with these won't-last-long coolers. 


Fall Flavours

Crazy Uncle Whiskey Cider & Chai Tea Cocktail

Start with its fresh, crisp apple and subtle floral aroma, then taste the pleasant spice-forward notes of aged whiskey and classic Chai flavours of black tea and cardamom.

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Cherry Bomb

Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade - 1 L Bottle

This intensely dark cherry fruit-first take on lemonade turns the summer staple into a fall favourite. Look for intense aromas of dark cherry and stewed plum with notes of black fruit. Now available in a one litre bottle.

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Spice it Up

Crazy Beard Ginger Lager

Everyone's favourite fall spice is everywhere in this ginger lager, from the first aroma to the subtle bite of ginger flavour. It's not too overpowering — subtle sweetness balances it all out.

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