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North American Lager

Light-bodied and fantastically effervescent, this style of beer is synonymous with summer. But served cold, it’s a great any-time sipper and is so versatile that it goes with all kinds of food. Experiment by trying individual cans or bottles, or grab a six-pack for sharing.

North American Lager is the great-great grandchild of the pale lagers brought over by European, mostly German, immigrants in the mid-1800s. Famous brands such as Coors, Budweiser and Molson blended traditional recipes with North-American grains like corn or rice to create a light, super-refreshing beer style. Today their flagship brews are among the most popular beers in the country. While “indie” style breweries such as Mill Street are reinventing the style with bold American hops and pale barley malts.

Clean, crisp, malt flavours with notes of cereal, fresh-baked baguette, or toast, lightly fruity apple or pear esters, and grassy, spicy or herbal hops, on a light to medium body with plenty of bubbles for a crisp finish.

You name it! Grilled chicken, ham-and-swiss sandwiches, turkey or veggie burgers, ballpark dogs and mild sausages, seared scallops, Vietnamese shrimp rolls and lighter fish like tilapia or rainbow trout, fresh chevre, unaged gouda, and creamy, bloomy-rind cheeses like Camembert and Brie.

These delicate lagers should be served straight out of the fridge or cooler. These all-occasion brews are the most popular beers in Canada, so stock up on these crowd-pleasers for parties and barbecues. Pour into tall, slim glasses with a narrow opening (like a pilsner glass) that can help capture aromas, trap that huge carbonation, and preserve the beer's foamy top. Or keep it casual and drink straight from the bottle.