Czech Pilsner

Switch up darker winter ales and porters for something lighter. Medium-bodied, hoppy and refreshing, Pilsner is the perfect beer style to suit any season.

True Pilsner, with its deep yellow hue, strikes a great balance between the grainy, biscuity malt flavours we love in bolder ales and the snappy hops of a pale ale. Invented in the Bohemian town of Pilsen in 1842, in what is now the Czech Republic, Pilsner was the first beer to be sparkling clear instead of hazy — a near revolution in brewing. Traditional pilsners are brewed with soft water, snappy spicy or floral Old World hops, and bready barley malt. To get the traditional version, reach for New World craft-brewed pilsners, or the originals from Germany or the Czech Republic. Take just one sip of this delicate lager and you'll discover the beauty of simplicity.

Bright floral, herbaceous, grassy, green tea or pine aromas. Fresh-baked bread, white crackers, pizza dough. Snappy, clipped bitterness. Light-to-medium body, high carbonation. Clean and crisp.

Sweet and spicy Vietnamese or Thai fare like red curry with beef, spring rolls. Shellfish like fried calamari, oysters or shrimp. Ham, proscuitto and spicy pork sausages. Jerk chicken, burgers, pizza, soft mild cheeses and pesto pasta.

Serve cold, three-to-five minutes out of the fridge. Makes a great aperitif served in fun stemmed glasses, it will foil any appetizers—from chips and dips to passed hor'douerves— that you can throw at it. Or make this your beer of choice for the next big-screen sporting event at home, the bubbly lager will take on everything from chicken wings to nacho dip.

1. Steam Whistle Premium Pilsner
Celebrate with a local: Steam Whistle Pilsner, brewed in Toronto’s St. John Roundhouse, has spring-fresh hop aromas and flavours with a crisp, clean finish.
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2. Czechvar
Unleash your Bohemian spirit with this great Czech brew. It begins with fruity and leafy aromas, has a smooth mouthfeel and ends refreshingly bitter.
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3. Staropramen
With the spirit of Prague in every can, this is a great spring sipper. Creamy head, fruity candied nose, and balanced flavour. A real palate pleaser.
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4. Creemore Springs Lot 9 Traditional Pilsner
Go for a fresh take on traditional Czech pilsner! This beer has aromas of hops and banana peel, with a hoppy flavour and refreshingly bitter aftertaste.
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5. Pilsner Urquell
Since its maiden brew, the world’s first golden beer has been a refreshing choice, thanks to its zesty floral aromas and fresh bread and citrus flavours.
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