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North American Lager

Light and malty with a hoppy tinge, these pale lagers are best enjoyed ice cold. Pair with spicy Asian takeout or smoky burgers straight off the grill.



When entertaining make sure you’ve got a variety of beers on ice — from North American classics, to local microbrews, to European imports. That way you’ll satisfy every taste, and the different labels look great grouped together in shiny, silver buckets on ice. 



These delicate, golden beauties are best enjoyed cold, to enhance their crisp, clean flavours. Try serving in a frosty glass. Simply place the glass in the freezer for 10 minutes before pouring 



Serve it in a tall, cool beer glass to catch all of its ample foam. To tame the foam when pouring, chill your glass by rinsing it in cold water just before you pour. 



Aim for one to two inches of foam at the top of your glass to enhance the beer’s aroma and mouthfeel. Reach for tall, slim and tight-lipped pilsner-style glasses to show off the beer’s ample bubbles, brilliant hue and to keep its delicate foam intact. 



Bread dough, baguette and cereal-like malt, light stone fruit notes, and herbal, grassy or lightly citrusy hops on a light, crisp and effervescent body. 



Greens, orzo or quinoa salads, corn on the cob, grilled white fish, scallops, veggie or chicken burgers, deli sandwiches, sausages and salty appetizers.