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European Lager

Beautifully crafted and supremely sippable, this beer style is a staple in fridges the world over, with good reason. Taste Europe’s historic lagers by picking up a few of your favourite cans from different countries, or grab a couple of six-packs for your next get-together.


Sip a European Lager and step back in time. These heritage brews were originally made as sweeter competitors to the Pilsner. To lager means “to store.” Brewers allow these beers extra time to ferment so the pale grains and noble hop flavours shine.



Clean, crisp cracker- or breaddough-like malts; spicy or grassy hops on a light, bubbly body.



Green salads, fish tacos, Lager-poached chicken, veggie nachos, white pizza, fresh and bloomy-rind cheeses, lemon sorbet.



Serve cold or wait a few minutes after removing them from the fridge. Pour into tall thin-lipped glasses to trap their delicate aromas and head. Or for a casual affair, invite guests grab them from the fridge and drink straight from the bottle.