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Viva la Primavera!

Primavera means springtime in Italian. Celebrate the season with delicious drinks and a big, not-so-fat Italian dinner.

This menu — for a family or a group — focuses on fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. We have the wine, beer and cocktails to bring out all those fresh flavours, and a playlist to set the mood.

If your heritage is Italian, or you’ve ever been to an Italian celebration, you know the dishes just keep on coming! Beginning with aperitivo (aperitif) the conversation flows through as many as 10 courses.

  • Aperitivo : drinks and snacks
  • Antipasto : pizza, cured meats, olives
  • Primo : the first course, usually pasta
  • Secondo : a second course of meat or fish
  • Contorno : a side dish served with the secondo
  • Insalata : a salad (may replace contorno)
  • Formaggi e frutta : fruit and cheese
  • Dolce : dessert, often gelato or biscotti
  • Caffè : espresso
  • Digestivo : a drink to conclude the meal

Set the mood for a buona notte with our Primavera Playlist.