Find your style

Watch these short videos on shopping for red wine, white wine and other wine styles.

Red Wine Styles

Learn to pair red wine with pizza, pasta, chicken, roast beef, steak, lamb, sausage, cheese, mushrooms and more!


White Wine Styles

Learn to pair white wine with foods such as appetizers, chicken, turkey seafood, pork, fish, pasta, spicy foods, cheese and salads.


Rosé Wine Styles

This video will show you how to select the best rosé wine for foods such as salads, goat cheese, chicken, fish, appetizers and more.


Dessert Wine Styles

Find out how to enjoy luscious sweet ice wine and Sauternes with foods such as blue cheese, rich desserts, chocolate and berries.


Fortified Wine Styles

Learn about Italian Marsala, Cream Sherry from Spain, plus Sweet Vermouth and Port. Pair these wines with nuts, smoked meats, cheeses, crème caramel and pastries.


Sparkling Wine Styles

Find out why Cava, Crémant and Charmat-method wines pair well with salty foods, spicy dishes, cured meats and pizza.