Your Summer Hot List

Let’s embrace every last moment of the Ontario summer and the best of what’s fresh and local.

 We’ve got a Summer Hot List full of fun ideas and must-try products to inspire you, from market-fresh cocktail ideas to tropical vacations in a can to rosés to match every sunset.

1. Explore the season's latest drinks

Summer calls for fun flavours and innovative spins on old favourites.

From the hottest coolers to buzzworthy beers and wines to cool spirits for mixing unforgettable cocktails, meet your summer crew.

2. Turn a hot, humid day into a tropical vacay

These spins on summer beers and spirits are so buzzworthy, you’ll want to try one of each this summer.

3. Give your bar a summer-fit makeover

Lighten up what's in your glass with our selection of options that bring down the sugar, alcohol and calories but keep all the delicious flavour. 

4. Take a tour of Ontario

Exciting flavours,

innovative styles and cans that look as good as they taste – start your at-home tour with these homegrown picks. 

 10. Find food-friendly BBQ picks

Bold reds, crisp whites and icy beers – these perfect pairings deserve a spot in your grilling queue! 

Don't forget the ice! Now available at 200+ stores