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Summer Festivals – Your Way!

We know you're missing all of the carnivals, fairs and festivals, so we've rounded up some products (and recipes, too!) to help you toast to your favourite celebrations at home. 

Have a backyard peach festival

Everyone's favourite summer fruit isn't here for long! Pick up a basket at your local market and share the juicy goodness with these Food & Drink  ideas and a peachy drink. 

Create your own craft beer festival

If you love sampling the offerings from your crafty local breweries, host your own small tasting at home. Start with these picks and go from there!

Find farmer's market flavours

These spirits and beers are created using fruity flavours and herbal infusions that bring summer flavours to your backyard. Best enjoyed while swinging in a hammock. 

Have some carnival-worthy fun

If you miss the out-there offerings of your local fair, try these ready-to-drink picks. Then get out the ring toss and serve some elevated carnival faves from Food & Drink.

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Honeydew Melon & Lime “Snow Cone” with Mint Cream

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Funnel Cakes with Roasted Plums

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Salmon Corn Dogs with Saffron Aioli

Explore far-flung offerings

If you miss the cultural festivals that usually take over the streets in the summer months, try some of these picks from around the world. Pair with takeout, of course! 

Go celeb spotting in your own home

The film festival may be not be the usual display of star-studded glitz this year, so greet celeb-created spirits and wines instead.