1:  Mix it up with spice and smoke

Bold flavours

Amp up your fall cocktail with a boldly flavoured addition. Try charring a slice of citrus or sprinkling in a piquant spice.  Share your #LCBOMixItUp cocktail on Instagram and Facebook.


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Ginger & Scotch Sour

Just grill lemon halves on the barbecue. Cool. Squeeze and shake up their smoky juice with ice and ginger syrup, topped by Johnnie Walker Black. Here’s how.

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Smoky Scotch Iced Tea

Stir up a deliciously simple sipper by mixing an ounce of Johnnie Walker Red with iced tea. Take it to the next level by garnishing with a charred lemon wedge (learn how below).  

Smoky Picks

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Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky

Dry, smoky flavours complement rich tones like peat, cedar, dark chocolate, vanilla and fruit in this classic blended Scotch. It pairs beautifully with the sweetness of soda pop. 

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Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky

A sweet and spicy palate yields to a bold, smoky finish in this whisky. Savour its hints of butterscotch and cloves in an autumnal cocktail. 

How to create a charred cocktail garnish
Step 1

Give your cocktails a flavour boost by grilling your citrus garnish. Simply barbecue citrus slices or halves over medium heat until grill marks form.

Step 2

Let them cool before adding to your cocktail glass or fastening to the rim.

Step 3

Make sure to use any leftover citrus for juice. Heating the citrus allows you to squeeze out more juice! 

Spice It Up

When someone says they like it spicy, fresh peppers that measure high on the embarrassing face-making scale come to mind. Don’t sweat too much about the mouth burn from ghost or Scotch bonnet peppers because you can also find sensory kick in all kinds of ingredients, from humble horseradish and ginger to overlooked pantry staples like cinnamon. 

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