Trend 3 : Mix it up with luxe sippers

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Premium spirits, simply prepared, are an unmistakably modern way to enjoy the good things in life.  Share your #LCBOMixItUp cocktail on Instagram and Facebook.

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Whisky on the rocks

A luxe whisky deserves a sophisticated on-the-rocks treatment. Savour whisky by serving it over spherical ice in an elegant glass. Add a complementary garnish — such as fanned pear or apple slices, citrus peel or spices — that plays up the notes in the whisky.

Try these sophisticated spirits

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Forty Creek Foxheart

This new Ontario whisky is infused with premium 12-year-old Caribbean rum to create vanilla, creamy tropical fruit and pear notes with a peppery finish. Enjoy it neat or over ice. 

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Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve Whisky

Crafted in Ontario, this fine whisky is first aged in oak, carefully blended, then aged again in Bourbon casks. The result: a smooth, mellow spirit with bold aromas and flavours of sweet fruit, vanilla and spice. 

A fabulous food match

Just as salt and caramel make a delicious combo, briny bivalves served with Canadian whisky works beautifully as a pairing. Alternatively, pair complex Scotch whisky with the salinity of fresh oysters, or even double down on the smoke factor by enjoying a smoky single malt or blend alongside grilled oysters.

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