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We’ve gathered up some great, innovative ways to refresh your old routines, with a focus on options that are lower sugar, lower calorie, lower in alcohol and even alcohol-free. Here's how to mix it up!

Explore lighter wines

If you're looking to reduce your alcohol intake, look for a wine's ABV, or Alcohol By Volume. You can easily find it on the product information page, or on the bottle if you're shopping in our stores. To get you started, we've rounded up six featured light picks that all have an ABV between 5.5% and 9%. (Regular wine can have up to 15% ABV.)

How They're Made

Fruit sugars in grape juice ferment into alcohol, so light wines can be made from low-sugar varietals or less-ripe grapes. Or the winemaker can stop the fermentation before the wine exceeds 9% ABV, which typically leaves a bit of sweetness in the wine. Winemakers can also reverse-engineer wines, starting with regular wine and using processes from reverse osmosis to distillation to remove some or almost all of the alcohol.

Will I Taste a Difference?

Alcohol does give wine texture and body, but winemakers strive to give lighter wines the same lively palate as regular wine and some get great mouthfeel from a bit of residual sugar. Lower-alcohol whites can be bright and fresh tasting. Lower-alcohol reds are typically juicy and fruity; just don't expect big, robust tannins.

What Varietals Should I Look For?

Cool-climate Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and some Rieslings can be lighter options. Other white wine styles that are naturally lower in alcohol include Prosecco and Moscato from Italy, dry or Brut sparkling Cava from Spain, Portugal's Vinho Verde style and Muscadet from France's Loire region. For reds, Austrian wines made from Zweigelt grapes as well as Gamay-based wines, such as Beaujolais, can have less alcohol than other reds.

Explore light highball cocktails

The Highball is a classic that’s been reinvented for modern times. Light, smooth and ripe for unexpected add-ins, it’s as easy as choosing a whisky to pour over ice and adding lots of mixer and a complementary garnish. Learn how to make a perfect Highball, and find other ways to lighten up your cocktails!

Explore sugar-free hard seltzers

Hard seltzers and hard waters combine a spirit with still or carbonated water and a splash of flavour. They often come in four-packs of cans or tall-can singles and have no added sugar.

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The Highball is having a comeback for good reason — it's a versatile classic that’s long, lean and wonderfully customizable. Spirits pro Dante Concepcion will show you how to craft this cocktail trend – just choose a spirit to pour over ice, top with a lightened-up mixer and complement with a garnish. You'll learn how to make a Citrus & Whisky Highball, a Ruby Red & Tequila Highball, our Gin & Sonic and our Infusion Fizz.

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Resolution-Friendly Drinks

Looking to start the new year by making some more mindful choices? Food and lifestyle writer and TV personality Pay Chen and Food & Drink editor Charlene Rooke walk you through some great products you can find at the LCBO, from low-sugar wines and no-sugar seltzers to low- and no-alcohol beers.

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