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Niagara Bound

Whether you're armchair dreaming or planning for future trip, our insiders’ tour around Niagara offers up finds beyond the usual suspects.

Sandwiches With Sours

Trendy sour beer suits summer to a T, especially for a casual lunch paired with mouth-watering, satisfying sandwiches.

Chicken on a dime

Wondering What to Make for Dinner Tonight?

Try these four knockout ways to cook chicken on the cheap.

Huli-Huli Chicken

Brining Isn’t Just for the Holidays!

Inject loads of flavour into chicken, pork and fish before they hit the grill. Get your brine on with salty-sweet Huli-Huli Chicken or Brine-Smoked Salmon.

Campair Gose Punch

A Negroni Lover’s Dream

This cocktail drinks like a garden party in a glass.

Summer Recipes

Meatless Grills

Great Grills Sure to Please Carnivores and Fans of Plant-Based Foods Alike!

collage of Contributor's recipes

Recipe Tips & Hacks

We asked our contributors to dive into the archives and give us ideas for switching up their favourite Food & Drink recipes.

Honey cocktails from Insider scoop

How to Use Honey in Cocktails

Honey is delicious in a wide range of drinks, but it needs to be thinned first to mix properly. Simply whisk together two parts honey and one part warm water. Swap it for simple syrup in a Whisky Sour, and you’ve got a Gold Rush. Or try it in a classic gin-based sipper called a Bee’s Knees.

Moonshine from Insider scoop

Trendspotting: Moonshine

A wave of small, local distillers has recently revived the moonshine industry with unique spirits — this time made legally, of course. For a classic unaged whisky that uses locally grown corn, rye and barley, try Reunion 100 Proof Moonshine. It’s terrific mixed with lemonade and served alongside slow-smoked barbecue. Another grill-friendly option is sweet, savoury Top Shelf Distillers Tom Green Maple Bacon Moonshine, which is excellent in a Highball with ginger beer. For dessert, try pouring Murphy’s Law Apple Pie Moonshine over ice, and pair with butter tarts.


Classic Lemonade & 3 Tasty Twists

Sweet, tart and refreshing, an icy glass of lemonade hits the spot during a heat wave like nothing else. Get started with our Classic Lemonade and then amp things up with any one of our simple, fun twists.



Find fresh products from the latest issue.

At last, summer is here! Find fresh, laid-back recipes and hot weather drink picks to celebrate the occasion.

Start with our refresher on making classic cocktails — including
summery twists — and you’ll be whipping up drinks like a pro before you know it.



Summer’s all about heating up and cooling off. To capture that, we conjured up barbecue and frozen recipe combos — each includes a main dish and a frosty treat — perfect for grilling and chilling.

5 Dazzling Fruit Salads

Both savoury and sweet, these fresh takes make the most of local and peak-season fruits.

Bubbles & Bites

Bubbles & Bites

When it’s too hot to cook, start with fizzy drinks and easy apps.

Collection: Summer Drink Picks

Perfect Presents

The arrival of summer celebrations — even when toasted via video chat — means we can all use fresh ideas for gifts. These bottles offer just that: whether given solo (or alongside a cocktail mix, when needed), these picks are easily dropped off on front porches.

Tired of Bitter IPAs? Tart Sours Not Your Thing?

Tired of Bitter IPAs? Tart Sours Not Your Thing?

Then you’re in luck. Ontario craft brewers are finally focusing their energy and creativity on easy-drinking lagers. Check out some new additions to the beer shelf, including crisp, refreshing Refined Fool Ontario Craft Lager from Sarnia or citrusy, juniper-scented Flying Monkeys Wonderstar Botanical Lager from Barrie.


CHILLED RED plus Christopher's headshot

Chilled Reds


Christopher Sealy, wine director at Toronto-based Alo Food Group, suggests three styles of red wine that benefit from chilling. He emphasizes they should be cool but not “too cold as to eliminate the aromas.” Pop a bottle in the fridge for an hour or so.

“Whether it’s Old-World Beaujolais or from our own backyard in Niagara, Gamay is a seriously made wine, yet loads of fun. With red berry flavours and gentle tannins, it’s a wine that keeps you coming back for more” Sealy says.

“Pinot Noirs from Germany, France and, of course, Prince Edward County, are usually bright, fruit-driven wines. A slight chill gives the wine a tone like fresh-picked, sun-ripened strawberries and raspberries.”


Spirit of Oaxaca


Like tequila’s brash cousin, mezcal has become the darling of bartenders due to its smoky complexity and small-scale production.

Try our picks:

Sombra Joven Mezcal

Meteoro Mezcal Joven

Seasonal Recipe Collections

wedge salad

Looking for Ways to Revamp Your Salad Bowl?

Recipe developer Jennifer MacKenzie tosses around some great ideas.

Tips and Tricks for a Weekend of Recipes

Tips and Tricks for a Weekend of Recipes


We asked one of our Food & Drink experts to suggest ways to adapt their recipes using simpler techniques or ingredients you likely have on hand for a weekend’s worth of dishes.

Wondering How to Mix Cocktails Without a Fully Stocked Pantry?

Wondering How to Mix Cocktails Without a Fully Stocked Pantry?


Try these easy hacks for spirits, herbs and sweeteners from top cocktail experts.

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