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Cheesecake with cranberry drizzle

Cheesecake 101


One of the most searched recipes over the holidays, cheesecake is beloved by many. Our intensive step-by-step guide offers basics for newbies and in-depth knowledge for more experienced bakers.

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Rare Birds

If you love tradition yet crave variety at the holiday feast, these alternative birds will take the place of turkey with aplomb.

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Rare Birds

A selection of cookies on a plate

14 Stunning Holiday Cookies


Discover themed cookie boxes — great for gifts and cookie exchanges or just enjoying!

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An Easy Holiday Menu


Here’s a super simple supper that presents as anything but, and no one will be the wiser.

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Roast Pork Belly with Prune Sauce and Lemony Spinach & Potato Purée

Deck the Halls

Festive Cocktails That Keep It Simple Yet Fabulous


Celebrate this season with holiday drinks made with local spirits, custom-designed by four of Ontario’s top bartenders.

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Seasonal Recipes & Tips

From the Archives

Get how-tos, tricks and tips for holiday-worthy recipes featured in the latest issue.

Cocktail Kit Gift Ideas

Learn how to create a impressive cocktail kits by simply adding LCBO bottles to bar equipment sets and ready-made cocktail boxes from local suppliers.

Food-Friendly French Wine