Summer Nightcaps

Dinner’s over but it’s not quite time for bed. The warm summer night beckons you outside to do a little contemplative stargazing. How about a nightcap? Maybe something more than just a glass of wine? We turned to three classic Muskoka resorts to see what they offer guests who ask for a simple cocktail as a finale to a busy day. They kindly obliged with three very different propositions, each one a fine way to extend the after-dinner conversation. Even if you can’t find the time for a holiday in a famous cottage-country inn, you can still enjoy a little taste of their warm hospitality.

S'More Chata Coffee from The Sherwood Inn

The Sherwood Inn, Muskoka

Tucked in amongst the pines on the slopes above Lake Joseph, the Sherwood Inn has been a romantic Muskoka getaway since 1939. Open year round, it’s famous for fine dining and all the traditional cottage-country activities from boating and fishing to golf. Guests can also simply enjoy the spa and the peace and quiet—and do nothing at all.


S'More Chata Coffee

Assistant Dining-Room Manager Alexandria Haxton gives a grown-up twist to the flavours of the favourite campfire treat with RumChata cream liqueur and crème de cacao.



Made in the U.S., RumChata is a new cream liqueur based on the Latin-American drink horchata. Vanilla, cinnamon and a secret blend of other spices flavour the rich cream, while a blend of five Caribbean rums is a very subtle presence, bringing the alcohol by volume up to a reasonable 13.75%.


The Muskoka Dream from Windermere House

Windermere House

Scottish immigrant Thomas Aitken built the original Windermere House and first welcomed guests there in 1872. Totally rebuilt after a fire in 1996, it retains the charm of the original, with rolling lawns beside serene Lake Rosseau and the adjoining Windermere Golf and Country Club. At night, the sky is ablaze with stars.


The Muskoka Dream

Felipe Gomes, general manager of Windermere House, created this cocktail. “Prosecco is a sparkling wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously,” he explains, “making it the perfect addition to any vacation cocktail. Cointreau and vodka balance the sweetness.”



The little splash of Cointreau in this cocktail is the key to the Dream. The classic liqueur was created in Angers, France, in 1849, flavoured with the peel of bitter oranges from the Caribbean island of Curaçao, and it has been a star ever since.


The Blueberry Maple Cocktail from Deerhurst Resort

Deerhurst Resort

Founded in 1896, Deerhurst is now the largest hotel venue north of Toronto, with 330 guest rooms and 760 acres on Peninsula Lake, near Huntsville. A year-round resort, it boasts two 18-hole golf courses and an amazing range of activities from riding and canoeing to cross-country skiing. After dinner at one of the four restaurants, the resort hosts a show at its own theatre.


The Blueberry Maple Cocktail

Deerhurst Resort’s Executive Chef David Bakker provides the recipe for this blueberry-flavoured nightcap intensified with the sweetness of maple syrup and tart lime juice.


Stoli Blueberi

Smooth and creamy, Stoli Blueberi is made with natural ingredients and offers a most convincing fresh blueberry aroma and flavour, with just a hint of juniper.