Shaved Ice

Shaved Ice

There’s a new frozen treat warming the hearts and cooling the tongues of dessert lovers everywhere.

What's Shaved Ice? And Where Can I Find It?

It comes in a few guises, but at its base is a fluffy mound of shaved ice. It’s made by spinning a block of ice against a razorsharp blade, which yields a snowy texture — much finer than a snow cone. In Hawaii it’s called “shave ice” and it’s accessorized with colourful syrups, condensed milk, vanilla ice cream and sweetened adzuki beans. In Korea, shaved ice — called bingsu — gets the full sundae treatment with toppings ranging from fresh fruit to whipped cream. Look for both styles in cafes, restaurants and night markets in the GTA and Ottawa.

How to Make Shave(d) Ice At Home

Making shaved ice at home is simple but does require a special appliance. The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Electric Shaved Ice Machine is an easy, relatively affordable way to make this cool dessert. You can buy syrups to dress this icy dessert or they’re also just as easy to make at home without artificial flavour and colours. Try our vibrant Plum-Ginger Syrup on your first batch of shaved ice.

 Hawaiian Shaved Ice Electric Shaved Ice Machine