Savoury Sips

Riding the trendy wave of making sweet things savoury, these great-tasting twists on classic cocktails mix things up to stellar effect.

Move over tomato juice. There’s a whole world of savoury ingredients begging to star in a drink. There are, surely, enough cocktail recipes for those of you with a sweet tooth, but it’s time for a few new ideas for saltier palates.

    We’re serving up a Green Caesar that drinks like a meal, and a riff on a Dirty Martini with a quartet of Spain’s most beloved culinary exports. The Golden Hour, loaded with garden flavours, is the perfect new-and-improved Mary to serve at your next brunch. And because tequila already packs a vegetal punch, we’ve got a fascinating Margarita made with celery juice and seeds that brings all of that spirit’s flavour into sharp focus. We haven’t forgotten the beer lovers, and maybe even the beer haters — you’ll both dig black pepper’s heat and muskiness in a refreshing brew-based drink.

    If you’re the sort to reach for a bag of chips over a chocolate bar, give one or all a try. We’re pretty sure you’ll find a new favourite way to satisfy that craving.


Celery Margarita

Manzanilla Martini


Sarawak Sipper


Green Caesar


Golden Hour