Pasta + Beer For Two

Most baked pasta dishes are large enough to feed a family, but what if it’s just the two of you sitting down to dinner? We asked recipe developer Christopher St. Onge to come up with delectable oven-baked pasta recipes that are the perfect size for a couple. He did not let us down. Imaginative and super-tasty, they are also simple to prepare, proving that great things can come in small sizes. And in big sizes, too — we’ve paired each dish with a carefully chosen beer that comes in a bottle large enough to share.

Beef & Feta Pasta Pie and Goose Island Sofie

An American brew in a Belgian saison style, Sofie is partly aged in wine barrels with orange peel. Citrus-sour with a white pepper note and a bitter finish, it reaches out to the cumin seeds in our Beef & Feta Pasta Pie and offers matching complexity to its delectable sauce.

Heineken Lager and Pepperoni & Ricotta-Stuffed Giant Shells

Dry and lively with a subtle hoppy bitterness, the world-famous lager from the Netherlands cuts through the big, pepperoni-pizza-inspired flavours of our Pepperoni & Ricotta-Stuffed Giant Shells. What does Heineken bring to the table? Masses of crisp refreshment!

Innis & Gunn Original and Pasta Bake with Porcini & Sausage

Ageing in oak gives this slightly sweet, malty Scottish ale intriguing hints of toffee and spicy vanilla that echo the rustic flavour of whole-wheat pasta. And the beer has all the body it needs to stand up to the thick, rich Taleggio cheese sauce in this Pasta Bake with Porcini & Sausage.