Dynamic Duos

Why wait till summer for that unbeatable duo: burgers and beers? Our spring-inspired recipes paired with local craft beers satisfy the urge yet feel just right for the season!

Burgers and beer may be a summer staple, but here in Canada we like to start grilling patties the minute the snow has melted off the ’cue, cracking cold ones on frosty patios. That means springtime is burger and beer time! To celebrate, we’ve got five stacked burgers full of fresh flavours matched with spring-ready craft brews from across the province. A Greek-inspired lamb patty topped with grilled asparagus and minty tzatziki is mellowed by a biscuity pale ale. A bacon-boosted turkey burger, accessorized with ginger-spiked rhubarb chutney and peppery cress, is matched to a toasty, refreshing brown ale. For purists, we’ve got an all-beef patty under a gooey roof of Jarlsberg and chewy mushrooms facing off against a big, bold piney IPA — the result is a mouth-watering contrast. Finally, for non-carnivores, there’s a herbaceous fillet-o salmon enhanced by a spritzy, lemony saison, or a nutty veggie burger with a sessionable, fruity ESB (Extra Special Bitter). So stock the fridge, put on your scarf and get grilling.


Beef Burgers with Grilled Mushrooms & Jarlsberg with Walkerville Geronimo IPA

The bold, juicy umami flavours of sizzling beef, nutty cheese and earthy mushrooms pair well with Geronimo, an equally hefty American IPA. Brewed in Windsor, Ont., the ale has a citrusy, pine sap hop flavour balanced by a toasty, caramel malt backbone. The burger’s peppery watercress and woodsy rosemary accentuate herbaceous notes in the brew. Not a hop head? Don’t worry, the rich fattiness of our Beef Burgers with Grilled Mushrooms calms the beer’s building bitterness.


Herbed Salmon Burgers with Cucumber-Radish Slaw & Gribiche with County Road Farmhouse Saison

Poured alongside our Herbed Salmon Burgers with Cucumber‑Radish Slaw, this farmhouse saison complements by adding a citrusy kick, as if you’ve squeezed fresh lemon over the dish. The lively Champagne-like bubbles wash away the soft egg bun and cleanse the spicy, tangy slaw and rich gribiche sauce from the palate. Opened in 2016, County Beer Co. makes rustic, farmhouse-style ales in the midst of Prince Edward County’s flourishing beer, wine and food scene.


Turkey-Bacon Burgers with Cheddar & Rhubarb Chutney with Hockley Dark

Traditionally turkey is paired with a pale beverage, but our Turkey-Bacon Burgers with Cheddar & Rhubarb Chutney have a mix of rich, dark meat and smoky bacon that shines alongside the mellow roasty notes in this English-style ale. Hockley Dark pours a deep mahogany with aromas of roasted chestnuts, chocolate brownie and biscuit. Don’t fear the darkness; rather than being heavy and filling, this ale is both light-bodied and refreshing.


Lamb Burgers with Grilled Asparagus & Tzatziki with 8 Man English Pale Ale

A great pairing happens when both the dish and the beer taste better together. Our Lamb Burgers with Grilled Asparagus & Tzatziki carries gamey and herbal flavours that brighten with the rich, caramel malt of 8 Man Pale Ale. The beer’s floral hop bite blossoms against tangy tzatziki, while the medium carbonation cleanses the doughy naan. Brewed on a family farm outside Kingston, Ont., this beer’s secret lies in the artisan malted barley from Barn Owl, a local maltster.


Spicy Veggie Burgers with Crushed Avocado & Pickled Beets with Henderson’s Best

Henderson’s Best is an English-style ale brewed in Toronto. Amber-hued, with aromas of caramel malt, leafy hops and toasted bread, it has a sweet and bitter balance that counters the savoury flavours of our Spicy Veggie Burgers with Crushed Avocado & Pickled Beets. Let the beer warm up in your glass to tease out the yeasty, dark fruit notes in its depths, flavours that will harmonize beautifully with the sweetness of the beets.