Cocktail Rimmers

Rimming a cocktail glass with sweet, spicy or savoury combinations is nothing new, but the opportunity to create layers of flavours with unusual and delicious pairings has led the modern cocktail to new heights. Whether you are teasing out the flavour notes of a cocktail, or adding another complementary taste to the mix, rimmers are only as limited as your imagination. We asked the experts from The Martini Club to take three classic, simple cocktails and elevate the experience with easy-to-make rimmers.

Get Spicy

A classic Margarita is usually served with a salted rim to temper the acidity of the lime juice. We like to play with the heat of tequila with a lip-tingling kick of cayenne. 

Classic Margarita Rimmer with Cayenne, Sugar & Salt



Why this particular tequila? Because its oaky peppery kick seems to dance on the tongue with our delicious salty, sweet and spicy rim.


Try Something Sweet

The Whisky Sour has been around for more than 100 years, and the balance of spirit, sugar and citrus never gets old. We highlight the whisky with our simple yet elegant combination.   

Whisky Sour Rimmer with Vanilla-Cardamom Sugar



The wonderful vanilla notes and subtle spice of Woodford Reserve Bourbon make it the perfect pairing for the sugar-and-spice rimmer.


Add a Layer of Flavour

Celery salt is the traditional Caesar rim, but we like to zest things up with our take on a classic Montreal steak spice. Peppery and savoury, it is tempered perfectly by the tomato-based juice.   

Caesar Rimmer with Homemade Steak Spice



Try using a Canadian whisky such as Lot 40 instead of vodka in your next Caesar. This rich, flavourful rye adds great depth to the cocktail.