Bottled Wine Cocktails

We love wine and we love cocktails—and yes, we do want to marry them!

Wine-based cocktails are an original and delicious change from simply pouring wine—and they’re easy to prepare in advance, using the wine bottle itself. When your guests arrive, just open and pour. Try any or all of these three excellent cocktails created by recipe developer Victoria Walsh with good advice about which wines to choose. Remember, the better the wine, the better the cocktail!

Red Wine

Reach for a red made from Gamay grapes. These young, light-bodied, juicy wines are often mildly tannic, bursting with dark berry taste. Their flavours hold their own in a cocktail without overpowering the other ingredients. For this cocktail, the addition of sweet and creamy almond orgeat along with citrus and bitters makes a well-rounded, rich punch that’s perfectly suited to a beach-style cookout.


The Gamay grape has taken a firm hold in Ontario, and Malivoire Wine Co. has done the varietal justice year after year. Their light-bodied Gamay has pronounced cherry with tastes of fresh berry jam. A wonderful outlying spiciness persists throughout and carries into the long finish. Gamay grapes create an excellent backbone for this robust big-batch cocktail.


White Wine

This cocktail calls for something crisp and refreshing with citrusy flavour being the priority. A dry Riesling (or even a crisp Grüner Veltliner) will deliver just that. Give the wine’s flavours a boost with the addition of a brandy-based ginger liqueur (Domaine de Canton works well here). Add a little mint and lime and you’ve got a dynamic drink that’s excellent for backyard-garden parties.


This dry Riesling showcases grapefruit, delicate floral and minty aromas at first approach. It zings with citrus acidity that carries straight through to the finish where you’ll find a slight pineapple sweetness. Its high acidity provides a nice base in this lively cocktail.

Rosé Wine

Delicate and crisp yet fruit-forward (and reasonably priced), rosé is a natural choice for this summery batch-style cocktail. The classic strawberry notes in a rosé are present yet restrained enough to let the addition of delicately sweet violet liqueur shine through. With its purple hue and floral aroma, this punch-in-a-bottle makes a drinkable bouquet for your next party table.

Blooming Rosé with Wild Strawberries with Ogier Côtes du Ventoux Rosé

A medium-bodied rosé is a perfect choice for this party-sized cocktail. With zesty grapefruit rind on the nose and summery red-berry flavours reigning, you’ll enjoy the addition of the French floral liqueur that’s added to the wine to make a standout cocktail.