Culture & Core Values

Health and safety, integrity, excellence, social responsibility and customer service: These are principles and priorities that form the foundation of the LCBO as a corporation.

At the LCBO, our defined values guide our working culture, providing opportunities to learn and grow, both as individuals and as beverage alcohol professionals. They underline how we do business and how we treat each other. They form the very fabric of our culture and act as a foundation to help us move confidently into the future.

1. Customer Service

We value our customers and are committed to providing engaging customer service. Our people are welcoming, responsible, outgoing, creative and connected; they are the ambassadors of our brand. Our people provide the human touch that creates excellence in the customer experience.

2. Social Responsibility

We work to inform and educate our customers and stakeholders in the responsible and safe use of the products we sell. We continue to take proactive steps to promote environmental sustainability in all our locations and through partnerships and leadership of environmental initiatives that produce positive change. We take great pride in supporting the communities we do business in, and our ability to partner with our customers and business partners to support and raise funds for worthy causes. Social Responsibility is a public trust that we take very seriously.

3. Excellence

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We embrace innovation and learning. We value the ability to anticipate and respond to a changing business environment, to create solutions for new challenges. We understand the power of community and draw on the strength of people working together. 

4. Integrity

We operate with integrity, transparency and good faith in all our interactions with stakeholders. We listen carefully, and treat one another with respect. We are honest, trustworthy and ethical.