Why Work Here

Why Work Here?

The LCBO has a tremendous amount to offer the right candidate. We are in the business of partnering for a successful future and beyond.

Culture & Values

At the LCBO, our defined values guide our working culture, providing opportunities to learn and grow, both as individuals and as beverage alcohol professionals. They underline how we do business and how we treat each other. They form the very fabric of our culture and act as a foundation to help us move confidently into the future.


Corporate Development & Learning

Making sure our employees have the right skills for their jobs and ample access to new opportunities for development are both key goals for the LCBO. We have a number of programs and tools to help current and future employees become their own success stories.



At the LCBO, we value equal opportunity employment and are committed to diversity with regard to recruiting and developing the careers of our employees. Our employment initiatives encourage diversified workforce participation and equal access to opportunities based on merit and performance. Diversity Day is an annual celebration at the LCBO, where we recognize and honour the inclusive environment we create — and the people that elevate it.


Rewards & Recognition

Good employees get noticed. At the LCBO, we believe that rewarding a job well done goes beyond the monetary, and we take pride in showcasing and rewarding excellence. Our Reward & Recognition programs acknowledge those who consistently go above and beyond.

Our STAR Awards stand for Special Thanks and Recognition. These formal awards showcase the outstanding work of our employees. The intent of the program is to create a culture of excellence within LCBO by reinforcing our key values, behaviours and competencies. Awards handed out this year included:

• Collaboration Award
• Corporate Social Responsibility Award
• Customer Service Award
• Innovation Award
• Leadership Award
• Safety Award for Excellence (SAFE) Award
• Outstanding Achievement Award
• President's Award Winner


Pension Benefits & Packages

The benefits and pension packages at the LCBO are some of the best in the province. As well, the LCBO strives to make sure all employees have the work-life balance that best suits their needs. We pride ourselves on having a comprehensive benefits package that includes life insurance, sickness and disability income benefits, and health benefits. Our pension plans are “contributory defined benefit” plans that provide a pension based on a set formula.