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Tuesday, March 31, 2020 – Toronto  

The LCBO has been adopting measures to protect staff and customers as COVID-19 progresses. Steps to-date include increased cleaning and sanitization and measures that support physical distancing while in line and in-store and, most recently, beginning to roll out plexiglass barriers at cash desks across our retail network. We also appreciate the heightened awareness to protect one’s self, especially in a role involving customer service and for the benefit and comfort of LCBO employees we will be introducing protective face shields as an optional preventative measure.

LCBO retail staff may choose to wear face shields while serving customers to protect their eyes, mouth and nose from the transfer of droplets and to help prevent unnecessary touching of the face.

The protective face shields do not take the place of preventative measures recommended by Public Health, including washing hands frequently, avoiding touching of the face, avoiding close contact with those who are ill, coughing and sneezing etiquette, and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. We also continue to ask customers not to visit our stores if they are experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19, should be in self-isolation, including due to returning from travel outside Canada. 

We will continue to follow the recommendations of public health agencies as it relates to the use of masks and are conscious of not depleting the supply required by frontline healthcare workers. For these reasons, masks will not be provided to LCBO employees.


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