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Wider selection of lower sugar, lower calorie, lower alcohol and alcohol-free options empowers customers to choose products that fit their lifestyle

January 6, 2020 – Toronto – To celebrate the start of a new year, the LCBO invites Ontarians to Bring on the New with an expanded product selection that supports post-holiday goals. Throughout January, the LCBO is promoting lighter beverage choices and a wide selection of lower sugar, lower calorie, lower alcohol and alcohol-free products. Whether joining the Dry January movement, looking to cut calories, or reduce alcohol consumption, the LCBO features an array of products to empower consumers to make informed decisions about their health.

“The start of a new year often comes with a renewed commitment to wellness and to making new choices, and the LCBO is educating and inspiring customers about the lighter options available,” said Alix Box, Chief Customer Officer, LCBO. “Regardless of their goal, the LCBO features a variety of products that suit every customer’s tastes and lifestyle choices.”

The Bring on the New campaign highlights products to help health-conscious customers find their balance with solutions across wines, spirits, beer and cooler categories. Customers can shop the products in-store and online at and the customer mobile app.   

Alcohol-free beers

The range and variety of alcohol-free beers that are all 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) or less is trending towards more craft-oriented styles like pale ales, wheat beers, and stouts. It is an emerging category that provides greater choice and a lighter option for consumers.

·       Heineken 0.0, 6 x 330ml (#589416)

·       Budweiser Prohibition, 6 x 355ml (#589440)

·       Clausthaler Premium Non-Alcoholic, 500ml (#589549)

·       Bavaria 0.0% Original, 500ml (#614875)

·       Partake Brewing Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale, 355ml (#617878)

·       Erdinger Alkoholfrei, 500ml (#589721)

·       Big Drop Brewery Co Pale Blanche, 330ml (#614099)

·       Big Drop Brewery Co Dark Noir, 330ml (#614107)

·       Hoegaarden 00, 6 x 330ml (#11661)

·       Partake IPA, 355ml (#13654)

Lower-alcohol session beers

These locally made session beers have all the flavour of customer’s favourite styles with lower alcohol.

·       Feels Like Friday - Hopped Buckwheat Session Mead, 355ml (#10295)

·       Bench Brewing Ball’s Falls IPA, 473ml (#481515)

·       Mill St Hopped & Confused, 473ml (#572735)

·       Lake of Bays Paddle On Session Ale, 473ml (#576538)

·       Muskoka Ebb & Flow, 473ml (#646315)

·       Cowbell Brewing Co. Gravel Run Session IPA, 473ml (#648220)


Lower carb or lower-calorie beers

Light beers are lesser than or equal to 4% ABV. With lower alcohol content, these classic flavour beers are also lighter in calories and carbohydrates.

·       Molson Ultra, 6 x 473ml (#14066)

·       Sleeman Clear 2.0, 6 x 473ml (#486142)

·       Michelob Ultra, 6 x 355ml (#697623)

Dry wines lower in sugar

Wine sippers looking to minimize their sugar intake can look for dry wines with five grams of sugar per litre or less.

·       Bolla Valpolicella Classico, 750ml (#16840)

·       Don David Reserve Malbec, 750ml (#483263)

·       Peller Family Vineyards Shiraz Bag in Box, 4000ml (#669457)

Lower-alcohol wines

Make it a lighter January with wines that have less than 9% ABV.

·       Chalet du Papillon Rosé, 750ml (#12497)

·       Jackson-Triggs Cabernet Sauvignon Light, 750ml (#12287)

·       Stoneleigh Lighter Sauvignon Blanc, 750 (#12618)

·       Voga Moscato Frizzante, 750ml (#267781)

·       XOXO Light Pinot Grigio, 750ml (#581124)

·       Relax Riesling, Mosel, 750ml (#621888)

Spirits with no sugar, no artificial sweeteners or flavours

Those looking for cocktails without the carbs can try these naturally flavoured vodkas mixed with soda water for a deliciously fresh taste experience with only 73 calories and zero carbs per serving.


·       Ketel One Botanical Peach and Orange Blossom, 750ml (#640995)

·       Ketel One Botanical Cucumber and Mint, 750ml (#640920)

·       Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit and Rose, 750ml (#645499)


Lower-alcohol cocktails

Rethink cocktailing by mixing lower ABV spirits, like Aperitivos, with lighter options like soda or sparkling water. More information on how to make informed cocktail recipes can be found at

·       Aperol, 750ml (#176834)

·       Campari Aperitivo, 750ml (#277954)

No-sugar seltzers

Ready-to-drink options are outpacing all other major categories driven by innovation and the development of new subcategories like hard seltzers. These are light drinks customers can feel good about with no sugar, no carbs, but loads of flavour.

·       Cottage Springs Ontario Peach, 355ml (#553537)

·       Social Lite Field Strawberry, 4 x 355ml (#649376)

·       Nutrl Vodka Soda Grapefruit, 473ml (#666032)

To help customers find products that align with their health and lifestyle choices, the LCBO provides information in-store and online so that they can easily identify and select products.

The Bring on the New campaign is promoted throughout January in-store, on, out-of-home advertising and on social media. The campaign creative was designed by LG2 Toronto and executed in-stores and online by LCBO’s in-house Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing teams. Media buying was managed by PhD.

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