Savour Spain!

Bringing home the sunny tastes of Spain with Top Chef Canada's winner, Rene Rodriguez.

In Spain, sharing good wine and food is practically the national pastime.

Each region takes pride in its standout wines as well as its specialty dishes, but the simplest way to find the Spanish wine that suits you is by wine style.

If you lean toward bold reds, try a full-bodied style like the popular Rioja region’s Tempranillo. If you’re partial to fruitier wine, sample one of these flavourful medium-bodied options.

Ottawa chef/restaurant-owner Rene Rodriguez, a Top Chef Canada winner, picks the casual tapas-inspired dishes that pair perfectly with these fabulously affordable Spanish wines. His food is inspired by his Mexican and Basque heritage, both at his restaurant, Navarra, and in the dishes he created to win season four of Top Chef Canada. Rodriguez used to travel to Spain every year and still goes when he can get time away from his busy restaurant. He created these delicious tapas recipes to be savoured with these specific wines for a little taste of each region. 


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