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Our Signature Collection is comprised of benchmark wines hand-selected by our expert buyers. These wines are wonderful, iconic representations of the most famous regions in the world and worthy of being savoured.

Amarone: An Italian Specialty

Created from dried grapes, Amarone is known around the world as a rich, bold red. Learn more about this wine, and find out which Amarone we picked to be part of our Signature Collection.


Signature Picks

Searching for must-have bottles for entertaining, gift-giving and starting a home wine collection? Our expert wine buyers have made it easy for you to experience their top-tier finds and favourites from around the globe. Take a look at the wines and regions on their radar and learn why they have made the collection.


Chardonnay: California Star

Bright and enticing, no grape varietal benefits more from the picture-perfect California climate than Chardonnay. Its warm, lush flavours and cool, crisp acidity are as easygoing and appealing as the state itself.


Wines for Dinner

Looking to pair your meal with the perfect wine? Our wine buyers make your match with selections from our Signature Collection.


Chateauneuf-du-Pape: Bridging Old and New

Of all the great wine regions of France, none is more approachable or easy to appreciate than Chateauneuf-du-Pape. The combination of French discipline coupled with a lush, generous nature of sourthern France fruit makes these wines adored by nearly every oenophile, novice or master. Find out which Chateauneuf-du-Pape has been selected as a part of our Signature Collection.


Chardonnay: Australia's Iconic White

Australia built its reputation by creating deeply flavoured wine in a diverse array of wine styles. And nothing quite matches the unique personality of Australian Chardonnay. Learn more about this region and find out which Australian Chardonnay we picked to be part of our Signature Collection.


Tips for Starting a Wine Collection

From stocking up to storage, wine expert Alan Kerr uncorks his well-aged wisdom on building your own selection of personal favourites.