Great Garnishes: The Lemon Spiral “This flavourful, stylish garnish is easier than you think.  ” 1. Start with a large, firm lemon — preferably organic or unwaxed. Wash it with warm water and dry thoroughly.  2. Using a channel knife — or the indented area the side of a lemon zester — press into the skin near one end of the lemon.  3. Holding knife in place, and grasping the lemon firmly with your other hand, twist until you reach the other end of the fruit. You’ll end up with a very long spiral that can be halved.  4. Holding the spiral over the cocktail, twist it around your finger tightly to release the oils and gently place over the side of the glass, or directly into the drink. Voilà!  5. TIP: Take it up a notch and wrap your spiral around a rosemary or lemongrass sprig, then drop in glass. Or, thread the spiral onto a cocktail skewer along with a cherry or other fruit.