The Great Pumpkin Batch

Cinnamon, caramel, nutmeg and malt spice up our crop of pumpkin craft beers this fall

So smooth, so delicious, so enchanting! The season’s superb assortment of pumpkin ales are always worth the wait. And you won’t have to stay up all night in the pumpkin patch to catch sight of these flavourful delights. Our annual release has fast become a beloved tradition among beer enthusiasts who go for the woodsy, heart-warming spiciness of ales that come laced with notes of cinnamon, caramel, nutmeg and malt.

These velvety pumpkin brews possess a down-home, spicy and sweet creaminess that pairs extremely well with fall suppers and some of the heartier party snacks enjoyed during the cooler seasons. You can also double your fun by  serving them with your favourite pumpkin pie recipe.

So many great serving ideas, so little time: These pumpkin-flavoured brews have a habit of pulling the disappearing act, so indulge in the trend now while quantities last. Even if you’re not a fan of Halloween, make pumpkin craft beers your new fall ritual.