Winter Craft Beer

Warm up your cold-weather moment with these distinctly flavoured brews. 

The cold-weather moment calls for beer with attitude. Choose from rich and sweet, sour and wine-like or hoppy and tropical. There are even larger sizes tailored to entertaining.

Winter Craft Beer

Sweet and smoky

Full-of-character brews deliver delicious depth of flavour

Comforting and complex: These beers deliver big bold flavours — think coffee, chocolate, licorice and even whisky notes. Beer fans rejoice.

Try: Ilkley The Mayan Chocolate Chipotle Stout

Try: Sigtuna Midvinterblot

Try: The Fundamental Blackhorn Heavy Imperial Stout

Intense and bold

These complex beers from Austria, Belgium and The Netherlands are cool-weather classics

Consider these cold-weather comfort beers. Enjoy the range, from a complex Trappist style to a warming, peppery brew. They're perfect for sipping when the snow flies.

Try: Pauwel Kwak Strong Belgian Ale

Try: Midtfyns Bryghus Chili Tripel, Danish Spiced

Try: Samichlaus

Try: Rochefort 10

Delicious diversity

These beers come in entertaining-sized bottles, tailormade for a tasting party

Invite a few extra guests to sample this range of beers that offer great flavour diversity, from a Dutch Trappist to a hoppy, tropical-noted Canadian brew. What better way to spend a winter evening?

Try: New Holland Dragon's Milk

Try: La Trappe Quadrupel

Coming soon: Grande Cuvee American Barleywine