Ontario wineries (including cideries and fruit wineries) can be authorized under the Winery Off-Site Warehousing Policy, to store wine at a location other than their manufacturing site.

In accordance with this policy, all locations where Ontario wineries store products (other than their manufacturing location) must be listed in an authorization issued by the LCBO.

If you wish to submit an application under the policy, or if you have any questions, please contact lcbo-policy@lcbo.com.

LCBO no longer accept applications under the Winery Off-Site Warehousing Program for locations authorized under the Distribution of Ontario Beer, Cider and Wine Program, as those locations are already authorized to warehouse certain products (subject to eligibility).

If you wish to confirm who are the operators currently authorized under the Distribution program, please contact lcbo-policy@lcbo.com.



Winery Off-site Warehousing Policy

Winery Off-site Warehousing Application and Renewal Form