LCBO has established distribution policies to enable Ontario beer, wine, cider, and spirit manufacturers to bring their products to market in an efficient manner, including pooled distribution of eligible products from other manufacturers and permitting the use of third-party businesses to facilitate distribution. Businesses must apply and obtain an authorization from the LCBO in order to warehouse and distribute the eligible products of other manufacturers to grocery stores, wine boutiques, licensees (bars and restaurants) or LCBO stores under the program.

The Consolidated Distribution program does not restrict the ability of Ontario beer, wine, cider and spirit manufacturers to warehouse and distribute their own products.There are specific conditions applicable to manufacturers of beer, wine, cider and spirits, as well as third-party businesses. Applicants should read carefully the Consolidated Distribution policy, as well as the program procedures documents prior to submitting an application to ensure they fully understand program conditions.

All completed applications may be submitted to 

Successful applicants will be issued an authorization and will be required to follow the specific terms and conditions of that authorization. These conditions include maintaining records detailing product movement into and out of approved warehouses and deliveries to approved locations for a period of seven years.

The LCBO will retain the right to physically inspect the authorized warehouse and the records relating to storage and delivery of eligible products at any time given reasonable notice.


Consolidated Distribution Policy

LCBO Distribution Program Application and Program Procedures


User Guide

Consolidated Delivery Warehousing User Guide


Application Forms and Supplementary Documents

Small Brewer Distribution Program Application Form

Large Brewer Distribution Program Application Form

Winery/Cidery Distribution Program Application

Small Distillery Distribution Program Application

Third-Party Business Distribution Application Form

Personal History Distribution Program Form

Client List Distribution Program Form