Fortified Wines

Dense and rich, these luscious wines are great on their own or after a meal. Their intensity and complexity is a lovely counter to their sweetness. These wines can have a pleaseant bitterness. 4 styles of fortified wineWatch Video

Wine 101

To serve fortified wines, choose a small stemmed glass or “copita” and pour about 100 mL. Sip slowly to enjoy all their complex layers of flavour.

You may taste

nuts, herbs, raisins, toffee, caramel, grape preserves, spice, brown sugar, molasses

Great examples

Marsala ITALY
Pedro Ximenez and Cream Sherry SPAIN
Sweet Vermouth from ITALY, FRANCE

Sip them with

pastries, crème caramel, fruit-based desserts, dried fruit, nut-based desserts, mature cheeses

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These wines are the same style as your selection:


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