Hosting Tips

Being a good host means more than just throwing a great party - it's also about making sure your guests have a safe and enjoyable time.

Top 10 tips for being a great host

Being a responsible host is about creating a warm, friendly and safe environment for your guests. There are many factors to be aware of and prepare for, so plan ahead to help ensure you and your guests only have enjoyable times and everyone gets home safely.

  • 1 Don't plan physical activities when you're serving alcohol. People are more prone to accidents and injury while drinking.
  • 2 Provide low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks, such as Mocktails, non-alcoholic punch, pop, water, tea and coffee.
  • 3 Have food available to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Avoid serving salty, sweet or greasy snack foods; they'll make your guests thirstier. High-starch and protein foods such as meats, veggies, cheeses, dips and breads are good choices.
  • 4 Be prepared for overnight guests.
  • 5 Serve drinks yourself or designate a bartender instead of having an open bar. People tend to drink more when they serve themselves. Also, avoid serving doubles. Keep a jigger next to the bottles to measure accurately.
  • 6 Have a plan to deal with guests who drink too much. Before the party, ask someone reliable to help you keep things under control.
  • 7 Promote the use of designated drivers and keep cash and telephone numbers on hand for taxis. Encourage guests to leave their cars at home. If they insist on driving, be prepared to take away their car keys.
  • 8 A good host isn't obliged to top up a guest's drink. Stop serving alcohol at least an hour before the party is over. Be sure to have a lot of alcohol-free drinks (water, juice, coffee and tea) and food when you do. Remember that having coffee after drinking doesn't make you sober.
  • 9 Don't drink too much yourself. As the host, you'll be able to handle potential problems better when you can think clearly and act quickly.
  • 10 Plan ahead so that it's easy to follow this advice.