Greener Buildings

The LCBO has a large retail and warehouse network across Ontario, with well over 650 facilities. Reducing the energy and other utilities we consume in these buildings not only makes good business sense, it is also an environmental priority for the LCBO.

Utilities consumption across the LCBO is carefully tracked and comparatively analyzed to help us target efficiency improvements and renovations, guide new building design and reduce our overall energy consumption.

Our latest five-year utilities reduction target of 10 per cent less use of electricity, natural gas and other utilities was exceeded, with an 11 per cent reduction in four years. This was achieved despite the fact that we are also significantly expanding the LCBO’s store network. The following three year target was to further reduce electrical consumption by at least 1 per cent per year and we achieved this target in year one and are on track for year two.

Our new stores are being built with many green building specifications. To date LCBO has built ten LEED certified stores and will continue to apply best practices to future buildings. Network-wide, we’re applying these practices to new and old stores with enhanced insulation and sealing, building automation systems, free-air cold rooms that use ambient cold outdoor air, “dairy doors” on previously open coolers, LED lighting retrofits and more.


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