Go Local

The LCBO helps support homegrown producers.

Championing Ontario’s local wine, beer and spirits industries is a long-standing priority for the LCBO. Ontario VQA wine and Ontario craft beers are among our fastest-growing categories because our customers want to buy local and support the vitality of Ontario’s economy.

Sales of VQA wines at the LCBO have doubled over the past six years, while Ontario craft beers are growing by at least 30 per cent every year. The LCBO works collaboratively with local industry to provide a wide array of programs, promotions and strategies to help grow Ontario product sales and to ensure that even the smallest of local producers can find an opportunity to sell through our network.

It also makes great environmental sense to support local businesses, with a multitude of benefits associated with a shorter supply chain, and the preservation and growth of Ontario’s agricultural lands and bounty.


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