Quality & Safety

Illegal Alcohol

Bootleg products are just a bad idea all around. They haven’t been tested for safety and may contain toxins or poisons, posing health risks that may not be immediately apparent and putting minors at risk.

Beverage alcohol products purchased legally in Ontario have been tested to ensure they meet the requirements of the Canada Food and Drug Regulations. This is not true for products that are purchased illegally. 

Seized products have been found to contain toxins and poisons. Bootleg alcohol is also accessible to those who should not have it—minors and intoxicated people—putting others at risk from impaired driving and other dangerous situations.

As the official beverage alcohol laboratory for the Province of Ontario, LCBO’s Quality Assurance (QA) lab works with various regulatory agencies such as the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), Canada Border and Services Agency, the RCMP and other police agencies to test confiscated alcohol and keep illegal alcohol out of the hands of consumers.


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